Learning perspective from a tiny teacher

July 24, 2018 Bill Sizemore 1 Comments

I’m currently getting a valuable lesson in perspective. And my teacher isn’t even a week old yet.

Meet Margaret Anne Goforth, my latest (sixth) grandchild.

She is giving me a needed reminder: Sometimes there are things that matter more than stressing about the country going to hell in a handbasket. About how a man who panders to our worst instincts of racism and xenophobia could have been elected president. About how he daily debases his office by undoing the achievements of his predecessor and turning the nation into a Third World kleptocracy.

That all still matters, of course, and in due time I’ll get back to stressing about it, and playing whatever bit part I can in trying to right the ship of state. But little Meg’s arrival shoved all of that to the back of my mind. In that moment, only one thing mattered: a perfect, healthy baby girl with two doting parents and a big, supportive extended family to ease her passage into this troubled world.

Perspective. It’s a great thing. Thanks, Meg.

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