Radio podcast of “Uncle George and Me” discussion is up

July 19, 2018 Bill Sizemore 0 Comments

There’s now a podcast of my appearance on Richmond radio Monday, July 23, plugging my new book Uncle George and Me: Two Southern Families Confront a Shared Legacy of Slavery.

Catch it at the website of “Prose & Cons,” the weekly talk show co-hosted by Ben Krumwiede and Dominique James on WRIR, 97.3 FM. .

My book, coming Sept. 5 from Brandylane Publishers, tells the story of my slave-owning Virginia ancestors, their slaves, and those slaves’ descendants. Joining me on the radio was another Brandylane author, Richard Rose, whose new poetry book Coming Around deals with his ancestors’ involvement in the Richmond slave trade.

It’s an hour of truth-telling about a dark chapter of our history, including readings from both books.

For those of you who’ve heard my spiel before, there may be some repetition. But it’s worth tuning in for the lively conversation and Richard’s dramatic recitation.

Stay tuned for more shameless self-promotion in the run-up to the launch of Uncle George and Me.


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